Rift PvP Rifts

PvP Rifts within Rift are designed to help centralize PvP in specific locations and to benefit those who take part in PvP there. This is one push to benefiting those who participate in PvP, and so far has actually been a terrific one.

For anybody not knowledgeable about them, basically they are a special kind of rift that needs you to run Sourcestones from the rift to one of 3 places (each rift has its own places and the one you have to "drop off" the sourcestone at is randomized). A few of these are more distances than others, which oftentimes forces gamers to run from one location to another, (most likely) dealing with gamers of the enemy faction in the process.

When it comes to the places for these rifts, they are opened at any raid tear within Iron Pine Peak, Shimmersand and Stillmoor. Up to one PvP rift per zone can be opened at any given time, for a total of 3. More information about combat arms hacks can be found at this

The goals of each rift are the very same, despite the essential type (fire, water, etc.) or where it is opened:

for the enemies there is a main Idol protected by 4 smaller Idols. Their objective is to remove all these before the defenders get all of their sourcestones returned
As for the protectors, the goal is to kip down 35 sourcestones
When players are close to a rift, they will get a buff that enhances the quantity of Favor and Prestige earned. This is the primary facilitator of PvP fight because the benefits make it well worth battling it out, and continuing the battle until the rift is closed. The only genuine disadvantage to this is that it is just up while near the rifts, and is not up while chasing down the sourcestone runners.

For the attackers, extra benefits are gained when returning a sourcestone that a defender drops. As for the protector, benefits are gained when dropping off the sourcestone (and everyone in the person's raid is also rewarded). And obviously both sides also benefit when eliminating gamers of the opposite faction.

The favorable points of these rifts include:

There is a lot of PvP (usually) since they assist centralize it
They reward prestige with the daily/weekly PvP factions
They offer a meaningful group-based end-game experience
Now, when it comes to the damaging parts of these PvP rifts, they include the following:

In spite of being PvP raids, gamers can do them with no PvP at all, and still get Favor and Prestige while closing them. I strongly feel that PvP rewards ought to need PvP, there are also dailies that are very similar (in that you use PvE to get PvP rewards).

The rifts commonly wind up in mass ganking of one side or the others (which is normally Guardians), damaging the real fun it is suggested to bring.

They're all the same - although this is excellent in the sense that they are quickly understood, it likewise suggests that they do get a bit repetitive after a while.

Overall, I am quite pleased with the rifts in the game and will happily wait for new additions to them or other distinct ideas. I've been having a great deal of fun going from one rift to another, PvP'ing along the way.